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Global Sourcing

Have you been looking for Indian and expatriate talent for your global business? If the answer is yes, you must be looking for Global recruitment services. Well, join us at AKS Hiring Solutions and get help with proficient recruitment for the global market. We will be looking for such employees to cover leadership or senior and middle management levels, with locations outside India.

We have our experienced consultant team, whose main focus will be on global assignments only. Thanks to our research-based methods, we have a strong connection with the global and Indian talent pool. Even our proven sourcing skills will help us to add more value to our entire hiring procedure.

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If you need some help with global outsourcing, our official number, +91-9560068999 is open 24x7. Ring us up or email us at for any query.

Our Recruitment Procedure:

Through our recruitment process, we will identify, attract, interview, select and then hire the onboarding employees for your firm. Starting from the identification of staffing to the final selection process, we got it all covered on your behalf. Based on the organisation’s size, we will recruit various kinds of Indian workers to deal with the global font. We have been associated with this field for a long time and have helped multiple global firms with their employment help. So, doing the same for you will be a piece of cake for us!

Values that our clients get from us:

Right now, global companies are minutely searching for Indian talented individuals because of their professional competence and versatility. Their ability to adapt to any work culture, domain knowledge, multi-tasking and experience of working in the complex Indian market will make these employees great assets to the global market.

We are in the best position so far to cater to your needs in this globalised section and helping you to find the best talent you want. We have a dominating presence in the field of executive search and selection, which results in us hiring the best employees for your global firm. So, rely on us for any position you want, and we won’t let you down!

The process we follow along with the tools:

Our recruitment process is based on identifying the job vacancy first and then scrutinising the requirements of that position. Based on that, we will review the applications, screen, and shortlist and then select the right person for that position.

Junior level hiring:

Here, we will work on the entry-level candidate screening. This process results in reviewing the current job applications, as received in major volumes. This method takes place just after the candidate sourcing and involving skimming through the cover letters and resumes for finding the right match.

Mid-level hiring:

Here, we will focus on the product and service knowledge of every individual applying for the post of mid-level manager. They must have good industrial experience, salary graph and also must be able to work under pressure.

Apart from that, if you need senior-level executives for your global firm, we have that for you as well. Just ensure to offer us details about your firm and what you are looking for in the candidate. Leave the rest to us.

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