The pace of industrial growth in India and the surge of sales and marketing employees require manpower with extensive knowledge of B2B sales management. Although a major chunk of supply chain segment of the retail industry in India depends on B2B relations, the sector is still unorganized. Therefore, the country needs more skilled people to provide an impetus to the B2B area and significant changes in hiring across this area are expected in the Indian economy. The B2B occupies a significant position between the manufacturer of goods and the end consumer. So, a lot of manpower requirements should materialize to reinforce and assimilate the stockiest, large-scale distributors, the wholesalers and the retailers.

At AKS Hiring Solutions, we have been managing the requirements of several industries, including, B2C, enterprise, education, fashion, real estate, hospitality, logistics, and startups with the perfect acumen. We are aware of how the right skills and knowledge can better organize the B2B sector and eliminates the tangible hindrances that interfere with the efficiency required in business to business relationships. Our HR consultants have the sharpness and the right insights that result in better judgment when picking manpower for the B2B sector. The team of consultants at our end is likely to display similar expertise in B2B hiring and ensure better organization across this sector.


The B2C companies not only focus on the merits of their products and services but try to build an emotional relationship with the consumers. In the modern times, the internet stands as the medium or platform through the companies sell their products and services. Although consolidation and restructuring issues have plagued the B2C industry and declined the recruitment process to a certain extent, the growth has picked steam and every job that this sector creates result in the creation of more jobs in the downstream industries.

So, the overall scenario is pretty positive. Unlike the B2B sector, the end consumers in the B2C sector looks forward to immediate solutions and cease to do research on the products. Therefore, the companies should rev up and hire staff in marketing area to become familiar with the market trends and know the purchasing reds, habits, ad preferences of customers.

At AKS Hiring Solutions, we keep ourselves updated with the trends in the B2C industry and changing paradigms. Our team of dedicated consultants offers insights into the operations and the exact requirements of the clients in this industry. We help the B2C companies identify and assess the talent pool and our experience in handling the recruitments mandate across different sectors and in different positions are expected to add to the growth of this industry.


The e-commerce industry has provided a major boost to the Indian economy and is expected to reach its pinnacle in the coming years. Quite naturally, one of the major impacts of the steady rise of e-commerce has been the creation of employment opportunities, especially in the area of value chain. While there is massive scope of direct employment in this industry, it has also led to the generation of indirect employment in the allied industries, such as warehousing, logistics, SMEs, It/ITeS and other support industries.

The e-commerce sector is expected to house highly-skilled technicians and in other routine corporate functions, such as administration, finance & accounts, and HR. With the global pandemic pushing the wheel towards digital and shoppers flocking to online buying, the job surge in this area is going to be tremendous 2020-21. Even the laid-back workers in the other industries are becoming available for e-commerce jobs.

AKS hiring Solutions has a team of consultants who understand the need for recruitment n the e-commerce industry in the top, middle, and the bottom tier. Whether the clients require temporary or permanent employees, our team identifies and assesses the skills of the manpower and helps in adding to the structure of this industry. We know what the future holds for e-commerce growth in India and the uptick in this industry and work hard to pick people to meet the increasing demands.


The small, medium, and big enterprises contribute about forty percent in manufacturing and over thirty percent of exports, which is a crucial factor in the economic growth and the generation of employment. The MSME sector contributes to the socio-economic development of the country. In India, the enterprise sector has gained a lot of importance to the GDP and exports of the country. Furthermore, the sector has also boosted the development of entrepreneurship in the rural and the semi-urban areas.

India has over six crores of enterprises that are growing at a fast pace. To improve the performance of the sector and eliminating the bottlenecks that may hinder the growth of this industry. The need to accelerate the rural industrialization and to create a sustainable economy in the rural areas, the enterprises is gearing up to recruit manpower for assisting the growth of this industry.

With AKS Hiring Solutions, you can get the opportunity to pick the right talents for the enterprise sector and help the clients to manage the increasing demands in the industry. We have a team of recruiters with in-depth skills and manage the process of recruitment seamlessly. Our familiarity with the industry and the knowledge of the team makes it easy to work on improving the existing resources in the enterprise sector and we hope to deliver the best results.


The satisfaction of sharing knowledge and imparting education makes the teaching profession highly fulfilling. A survey of education professionals reveal that teaching is among the most satisfying jobs across India. The education sector offers several opportunities for the professionals from human resources to finance and hiring takes place at different levels. However, the jobs in the education industry come with a hint of social responsibility it relates to the future of the youth.

A lot of changes have taken place in the education industry, such as the inclusion of technical equipment that has replaced chalk and talk. Therefore, the recruiting consultants need to consider the fulfillment and exposure in this in this industry. With over 250 million school-going students across the country, the network of educational institutions is equally strong. Moreover, the propensity of e-learning an online program also provides an impetus.

With AKS Hiring Solutions, the team of recruiters knows how the rapid pace of the growth of educational institutions is resulting in the creation of employment. The requirements of new talents in the educational institutions require adequate knowledge and understanding. The hiring professionals at our end know the requirements of the education sector and pick the best candidates from a diverse talent pool. Not only educators but we helps our clients recruit in the non-teaching departments and deliver the best results.

Non Profit

The non-profit organizations play a vital role in the social and economic development of a country and India is no exception. During the recent years, India has witnessed a massive surge in the growth of non-profit organizations and most of them are engaged in a wide range of activities through social, economic, and cultural areas. From education, healthcare, loan schemes, and providing opportunities of self-employment, the work they undergo is diverse.

They are essentially community-based and non-governmental organizations that are vastly changing the face of the society. From foundations, charities, and various associations, the hiring process in the non-profit sector is at an all-time high. A major trend observed in the non-profit organizations is their intention to retain the hired employees. As this sector often struggles to hire a great talent pool and faces other challenges during hiring, the organizations in this sector require the assistance of hiring consultancies to meet the staffing needs.

AT AKS Hiring Solutions, we have been observing the uptick in the non-profit industry and pledge to help our clients to fill the talent pool. We also ensure that the professionals we recruit align with the preferences of our clients and are fit for the role they need to play within the organization. Although the compensation in this industry is lower and the work hours erratic, we pick the best talents for our clients.


The growth in Indian economy is unprecedented and startups have found it the right opportunity to invest in this country. Date reveals that the country today has over fifty-thousand startups among which over nine-thousand are technology-based. The scenario at present is that India witnesses about two to three technology startups every day. We hear the inspiriting and encouraging stories of entrepreneurs contributing to the startup sector significantly.

Some of the prominent startups we have seen during the recent years are BYJUs, Swiggy, Policy Bazaar, and Paytm. The enhanced confidence of the investors is bringing in more cash in the startups and the technological investment is only adding to it. Therefore, the startup sector requires massive expansion in production, sales service, and business support. Essentially, need more on-ground staff to engage more workforces to scale up the business operations.

At AKS Hiring Solutions, we have a robust of consultants who are familiar with the hiring scenario in the startup sector. Whether to hire a large talent pool across India or picking manpower with skills and expertise in niche areas, we understand the functioning of the startups and their needs in marketing and sales, finance, legal contexts, HR, and help recruit for them the people with the right skills and expertise contribute to their role to enrich the economy.


With the hotels and inns tying up with the prominent and reputed international and national hospitality brands, the perspective towards hiring is changing rapidly. The fast-evolving middle class with increased level of disposable income is supporting the hospitality industry to the hilt. With this new scenario, the hospitality industry has an increased appetite for more manpower. It is expected that the industry is likely to create massive jobs in hotels and restaurants.

In India, the hospitality industry is one of the biggest employers and contributes to the GDP directly and the efforts of the government to make this sector more flourishing through various methods is also known. With more and more tourists visiting India, the need for appropriate accommodation is at an all-time high. As the satisfaction of the patrons accounts for success in this industry, the need for staff at different levels caters to the requirements appropriately.

Our recruitment consultants create an incredible hiring network across the country and can identify the staff who can contribute to the growth of this sector. We continue to help the clients in the hospitality sector meet their talent needs through customized methods and solutions. We work tirelessly to meet the expectations of the customers as far as hiring staff in the hospitality sector is concerned.


The FMCG ranks fourth among the prominent industries in the Indian economy and despite the impediments and odds, the sector shows a steady growth in new employments even in the post-COVId-19 stage. The efficiency and the functioning of the FMCG companies contribute to the growth of the economy. However, the companies across this sector need to understand that the people are the backbone of this industry, so it needs to leverage innovative workforce on the one hand and people in strong and leadership positions on the other.

At present the talent acquisition on this industry is essential to improve business value and proper positioning of the companies to meet the business objectives. Therefore, the hiring trend in this industry should be from multiple pools and largely uniform. Today, the FMCG companies need to look for people who are trustworthy, detail-oriented, and can relate to the needs of the industry.

At AKS Hiring Solutions, we focus on recruiting local workforce and people with digital expertise. Our consultants are aware that the combination of appropriate skills is one of the basic requirements of the FMCG industry. Furthermore, the organizations going through transformation may need people in specific roles. The aptitude of people is going to determine the growth of the companies in this sector and we get our clients the right match.

Real Estate

The real estate is among the most promising industries in India and comprises different sub-sectors, such as hospitality, housing, retail, and commercial. As the second largest employment generating industries in India after agriculture, the introduction of RERA licensing and other aspects have regularized to a great extent. Moreover, the rapid growth of corporate environment and the enhanced demand for modern workplaces have added to the fetish. The expectation that the industry is likely to attract NRI investment has made real estate a rank-holding industry on the whole.

No wonder, the industry has witnessed a high growth during the recent times and the demand for residential and office spaces is on the rise. Research shows that the private equity investments in this industry is expected to grow by about four percent in 2021. The manpower to be hired in the real estate sector must be familiar with the local language, needs to be tech-savvy, and have superb negotiation skills.

The consulting staff at AKS Hiring Solutions is familiar with the lack of structure in the real estate industry but it is in need of people with extensive knowledge of risk management and the skills of selling. We ensure to define the job roles based on the preferences of the clients and a thorough understanding of the real estate market.


India is fast becoming an apple eye for the fashion industry due to the growth of the middle class and an equally string manufacturing sector. The advancements in technology and the strong economic basis are also attracting the international fashion brands flock to this country. With the apparel market of India sixth largest in the world and comparable with the developed economies, there is a lot of scope for skilled professionals to fetch good pay packages in the fashion industry.

With over three hundred international fashion brands all set to launch their stores in this country within the next two years, it surely marks the beginning of a new era as far as recruitment in this industry is concerned. Unlike the myth that a career in the fashion industry is not for the big brains, the competition o study fashion technology is only getting tougher every day. The only odd is that industry is unstructured and unorganized.

With AKS Hiring Solutions, companies and brands in the fashion industry finally have a way out of the lack of talent. Our team of recruiting consultants is aware of the job roles that are in demand at present and pick the best candidates to boost the innovation in this industry. We identify the unexplored talents in the world of fashion and help in promoting growth in this sector.


The logistics industry is the backbone of the Indian economy and has transformed from a low-skilled industry to one of the most promising career choices for many. Quit naturally, there is sheer lack of trained and talented people in this sector. May businesses today need qualified workforce to manage the warehouses and the inventory to monitor the accounts and the regulatory compliances? The focus of the Indian logistics industry today is to provide the best services to customers and enhance the supply of goods in the market. Therefore, the companies in this industry require trained manpower.

The present scenario dictates the generation of massive employment in this sector. The opportunities are on the rise as the logistics sector is linked to other areas, such as movers and packers and transporting companies. So, the recruiting consultancies work tirelessly to meet the demands of the industry.

The recruiting team of AKS Hiring Consultants has extensive knowledge and skills to substantiate the supply chain. We are familiar with the requirements of this industry and know how to streamline the recruitment process. With new job roles coming up in this industry, the compensation packages are also growing. Our effort is to ensure that the best talents boost the efficiency of the clients in the logistics industry.

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